What We Do

By embracing both Strategy + Design, we've been able to dive into worlds that usually don't fall under the heading of design studio.

We design and develop websites, branding campaigns, restaurants, online stores, identity programs, integrated marketing, live events, web apps, and augmented reality experiences.

We launched a hip 325-seat seafood restaurant as both equity partner and creative lead. We built a startup to reinvent the news. We've created online magazines and stores, produced wine and jazz festivals, and designed & staged a live action game for 300 conference guests.

Our clients have included big names like Merck, Saatchi & Saatchi, Virgin Interactive Entertainment, AGFA, IBM, Grey Advertising, and Siemens Nixdorf, as well as startups, small businesses, and retailers who want to leverage our experience into their growth.

And our latest adventure is creating augmented reality experiences.

We've become expert at discovering solutions and seeing bigger pictures. We can help you define your new startup, product, or project.

We help clients market, sell, and grow.



When is a website not a website?

When it's a store. When it's a Sports TV Guide. When it teaches. When it reinvents the news. WDG doesn't just build websites, we create online stores, campaigns, webinars, marketing, and apps.

We see online not as a website in one silo, email in another, and social media in a third, but rather as an ecosystem where online tools interact and feed each other. It's called a web for good reason.

We create online ecosystems.

Concept, design, deliver.



Think of your logo as the heart of your image.

We do.

At WDG we believe marketing is everything the world knows about you. From your product to your website to the manner in which you answer the phone, it's all part of your story. It all tells the story of your business.

And the heart of your story is your logo.

Be sure your logo tells the right story. 

Concept, design, deliver.