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By embracing both Strategy + Design, we've been able to dive into worlds that usually don't fall under the heading of design studio.

We launched a startup to reinvent the news, we've built online magazines and stores, produced wine and jazz festivals, and designed & staged a live action game for 300 conference guests. We created a hip 325-seat seafood restaurant. Our latest adventure is creating augmented reality experiences.

We've become expert at discovering solutions and seeing bigger pictures. We can help you define your new startup, product, or project. 



So here's the problem: in the digital age, how do you gather and distribute the news; ensure accuracy; and make sure journalists get paid each and every time their work is consumed?

CrowdNews is [re]making the news by connecting the audience directly to the journalists they support: no middleman of The New York Times, FOX News, or CNN. Just a direct connection between audience and journalist.

ROLE Concept, design, business models, development, launch. The Whole Enchilada: CrowdNews is a WDG startup.


Play Games


Our brief for a trade conference in Toronto, Canada;
Reinforce the information from a three-day digital media conference, get 300 disparate attendees talking to each other, and have a party!


Our Solution: A participatory game called Trailblazing the Digital Jungle. We took over the ballroom in the Westin Hotel, brought in 350 tropical trees, pumped in music from countries around the equator, created a trivial pursuit game from the conference sessions, carved out a sponsor's mini-tradeshow, and had a huge party.

Yeah, it worked...Lions & tigers & beers...oh my.

ROLE Concept, design, production, staging.



As an equity partner, we opened FINZ oh-so-hip-seafood in Boston's North Shore. FINZ was a pioneer in the area, bringing an urban-inspired 325-seat seafood restaurant with an oyster bar and live jazz to the suburbs.

ROLE Restaurant concept, creative direction, food & wine consulting, naming/branding/design, launch.


Jazz & Wine Expos

The Boston Wine Expo was just getting too big so we decided to create, produce, and stage a wine expo in Boston's North Shore. The Salem Jazz & Wine Series combined a wine expo followed by a live jazz concert.

After two successful seasons, the world renowned Peabody Essex Museum asked to partner with us and to add the Series to their own cultural offerings. We were honored to move the Salem Jazz & Wine Series to the Peabody Essex Museum. 

ROLE Concept, design, production, staging.