The Newspaper Was a Pretty Good Idea

So here's the problem: How do you gather and distribute the news?

Back in the Industrial Age, the newspaper was a pretty good idea.

You fed journalists' content into the front door, cranked up the presses, printed the newspapers, and then sent out newsboys who sold them on street corners while yelling, "Extra! Extra!"

Television and radio use the same model: it's a studio instead of a printing plant.

And in the Industrial Age, that model worked pretty well.

But in this Digital Age, don't you think we deserve a something better? 



Yeah, It's Time for CrowdNews

CrowdNews is [re]making the news. We're creating an amazing news platform that brings you exactly the news you want. 

We connect our audience directly to the journalists they support: no middleman of The New York Times, FOX News, or CNN. Just a direct connection between audience and journalist. 

Our audience decides what news is valuable to them, not Big Media. Our audience members get exactly the news they want, on the topics they care about, from the journalists they support. 

We make sure our journalists get paid for their work. Our journalist members get paid each and every time their work is consumed. How else can quality journalism survive?



CrowdNews Introduces the Newstream®

Newstreams give our member journalists the freedom to define the life of a story without it being time-boxed, 24-hour-news-cycled, or truncated

We think journalists, to explore and accurately report on our world, must be given the opportunity to tell a story in its fullest. 

A Newstream consists of components of information and content that comprise a story, presented over time.

We call each component of a Newstream a Dispatch. A Dispatch can be a text article, a video clip, a map, an audio file, or other media.

A complete Newstream might be one dispatch, or 30. It might all be presented in one day, or over the course of a year. It might take the form of text, or video, or audio, or a combination. (CrowdNews is media agnostic.) 

Our audience subscribes to specific Newstreams, not to CrowdNews itself. When you subscribe to a Newstream, you support that particular journalist.

We are dedicated to the survival of quality journalism.