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by Joe Hyatt

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July, 1 2014

The idea of creativity is a fascinating one. But it's different for every individual. Each gets from point A to point B in a unique way. It's done with inspiration, or discipline or something in-between. What they have in common is taking a series of unrelated ideas and putting them together into the making a new whole – and that might be a painting, it might be a new book, it might be a sculpture or it might be a song. Our Nine Creatives include musicians, a legendary ad man, artists, an author, a film composer, and even a physician. We present to you the idea of creativity, from some very, very creative people.

Our latest dispatch brings you  Mark Steele, an artist working out of his studio in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He's developed a unique way of creating compelling works of art. 

Upcoming dispatches from Squashhouse: Hayley Reardon, Songwriter; Bob Childs, Musician; Norman LaLiberte, Artist/Author; Paul Glass, Film Composer; Duane Stanley, Songwriter/Musician; Dr. Alexander Angelov, Musician; Edward McCabe, Ad Man; and Esprit, Jazz Ensemble.

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Mark Steele: Artist

Upcoming Dispatches

Hayley Reardon: Songwriter & Performer

Bob Childs: Violin Maker & Musician

Norman LaLiberte: Artist & Author

Paul Glass: Film Composer

Dr. Alexander Angelov: Physician

Duane Stanley: Songwriter/Musician

Edward McCabe: Ad Man

Esprit: Jazz Ensemble

J. Micheal Wheeler