Live From the Future!


AR in Action: Random Notes from ARIA Summit 2018

Personal takeaways

• AR adoption will probably move faster than I anticipated. 
• AR is overblown as a term. 
• We have just scratched the surface.
• How about AR Performance Art?

Random Takeaways

  1. We need to create AR experiences In Context: Relevant to the world around the experience.
  2. AR might be the 4th level of computing
    1. Main Frames
    2. PCs
    3. Mobile
    4. AR 
  3. AR can/should bring things to life!
  4. We are seeing the beginning of AR 3.0
    1. AR 1.0 = Pokeman Go
    2. AR 2.0 = current headgear, mobile devices, 
    3. AR 3.0 = AR Cloud
      1. Persistent  
      2. Multiplayer
      3. GPS aware
      4. Social
      5. Computer Vision
      6. AI
  5. AR Cloud: Term I heard a lot. Data drawn from the cloud. Computational in the cloud. AR/AI in the cloud.
  6. Dangers of an AR World: Hyper Reality
  7. Doug Turner’s Talk
    1. AR doesn’t need to be just shiny Unity 3D models. Handcrafted images, play with perspective, we’re good at interrupting 2D into 3D.
    2. We need to work on
      1. the space in which our AR experience lives
      2. it’s relationship to time
      3. roles in the experience. With AR you are the main character
    3. JUSTIFY your AR. Why are you telling that particular story in AR?
    4. Emotions vs technology…make your audience feel.
    5. Do less to do better. 
      1. As Albert Einstein said, “Make things as simple as possible, but no simpler.”
      2. Focus vs Scope = Elegance
  8. Lower the barrier to entry. 
  9. Faster shareabiltiy.
  10. Socialize AR.
  11. Make AR an everyday thing for everybody.
  12. The Three Elements of Engagement
    1. Sensory Engagement: the more the better: sight, sound, touch (haptic), (how about smell, temperature, taste-o-vision?)
    2. Emotional Engagement
    3. Relevance 

Coolest product demo of the Summit
Looking Glass freestanding holographic display. Yeah, Princess Leia, yeah. More on Looking Glass later. Until then: